Intuitive Healing Session

Distant Reiki

Intuitive Guidance

1-hour audio recording via email

Using MindScape as a space holder & reiki as the healing modality, these sessions serve the purpose of removing all energies that are not serving you, activating your inner light, and providing intuitive guidance to your conscious being via audio to help you better understand what you're going through energetically while offering specific advice for you to use as guidance moving forward.


You will be energetically brought into my healing space where your being will be infused with high-frequency light healing energy. The session will be recorded for your listening after it is complete. You will be given intuitively guided insight and information about what your energy is like, what needs to be released, and how you can support yourself moving forward, all with the support of cosmic healing energy to bring you back to balance.


Oracle cards are a gentle and loving way to obtain guidance and support from Spirit.  During these readings, you will gain clarity on what's going on internally, how that is manifesting in your present situation, what's causing it, how to support yourself through the energy, and what to expect moving forward. These readings are endlessly customizable and will always bring in the guidance you need in the present. 


Through my abilities to connect and interact with the Spirit world, I am able to channel information that is specific to you on your journey at this time. I use both oracle and intuitive insight to bring in guidance through clairsentience (clear feeling), claircognizance (clear knowing), and channeling. 

Readings are available through email where I provide an audio recording, as well as pictures of each card.

Oracle Card Reading

5-Card Spread

Photos & Intuitive Guidance

Audio recording sent via email


Tarot Card Reading

10-Card Spread

Photos & Intuitive Guidance

Audio recording sent via email

These readings bring in the ancient wisdom of the Tarot through the portal of a modern mystic. The Tarot will always be real with you. It's the (sometimes harsh) truth that we need to jump-start movement in our lives!!

These readings are ABUNDANT in clarity, information, and angles. With 10 cards to work with, there is a TON of room for very specific insight and information to come through for multiple questions to bring clarity in multiple aspects of your life.

If you need some super grounded, super practical guidance from the universe, the Tarot is the way-to-go!

These readings include images of each card that comes through and a 40-min to 1-hour audio recording of the downoads and information coming in specifically for you.

What happens after I've made a purchase?

Once you've made your purchase, an email will be sent to you with important information regarding the session/reading/offering you've purchased. Be sure to check the email linked to your PayPal account as that is the one this information will be sent to. All sessions & services do not require a scheduled time for us to work together. These sessions are done distantly then recorded and sent to your inbox. ​You can expect it to take anywhere from 2 to 10 days to receive either of these offerings.

Can I pay with debit/credit card?

PayPal has both of those options for you to choose from along with paying through your actual PayPal account. Click on the link of the service you would like to purchase and you will be redirected to the PayPal page where you will see all of the payment options including debit and credit.​​​​

How long does it take to get my session?

I always say anywhere between 2-10 days. This allows for the perfect timing to come into place, all guided by Spirit.

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Come as you are, this is a space of deep love and compassion. These sessions allow you to fully unravel, melt into the present, and be with whatever you're going through all while being held in a space of full acceptance and healing.


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Self-Love Session

5-Card Spread

Photos & Intuitive Guidance

Audio recording sent via email

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